Hopeful Adoptive Parents


Is adoption right for me?

When examining this question it’s important to ask yourself why you want to adopt. Are you hoping to bury your grief over infertility by adopting a child? Are you not feeling fulfilled and think that a child will fill that gap? Are you having marital problems and hope that a child will save the marriage? Those, and other reasons that center mostly on you, are reasons that you should postpone adoption until you’re in a better emotional place.

When you have gotten beyond that pain and mourning, the time may be right to move forward with adoption. Adoption, like childbirth, needs to be about the child. So when asking, Is adoption right for me? As you examine your motives, you’ll have your answer.

You may have your doubts, or you may think next year the timing or finances will be better. The adoption process takes a lot of time. If you think adoption is right for you but aren’t sure if this is the right time or need answers to your questions before you would feel comfortable moving forward, take the first step and call Adoption California.


How can Adoption California help me?

Adoption California is a full-service adoption law firm. It is not a licensed adoption agency and does not place children for adoption. Adoption California handles several types of adoption within the state of California: Newborn/infant Adoption, Identified Adoption, Foster Adoption, Step-parent/Relative Adoption, and International Re-adoption. If you have an adoption to finalize in California, come to us.

If you are looking to adopt but don’t have a child you are matched with, Adoption California can help. Partnering with Adoption.com, Adoption California has access to many birth mothers who are searching parent profiles daily. Your package will include marketing your profile on Adoption.com so you are visible and accessible to birth mothers looking for a parent like you. Additionally, our caseworkers will work closely with the birth mother of your child and keep you informed about progress throughout the pregnancy.

The professionals at Adoption California are passionate about connecting parents and children. We know that adoption is an act of love that results in wonderful families. Because of our passion, our experienced professionals have learned all of the ins and outs, securing for you a smooth path on your adoption journey. They will answer questions, offer advice, and give comfort when needed. They are connected to the adoption community and can assist you with every aspect of adoption. We’re glad you’re connecting with Adoption California and look forward to helping you with your dream!


Why should I use an adoption law center?

If you are looking to adopt a newborn domestically, there are advantages to using an adoption law center for an independent adoption over an agency adoption. These include:

  • COST. Agency adoptions are usually more expensive.
  • RESTRICTIONS. An agency may have requirements that independent adoptions won’t have, such as parenting classes or restrictions on who can adopt from them.
  • NUMBERS AND WAIT TIME. Over 85% of adoptions in California are independent, not agency adoptions. This is because birth mothers prefer to choose their adoptive families rather than allowing agencies to make that choice. More adoptions means less time waiting for a match.
  • LEGAL EXPERTISE. Law centers have expertise to provide legal advice on whatever issue may come up in an adoption, which gives you peace of mind.


Why Adoption California as opposed to another law center or lawyer?

When looking for a lawyer, here are three reasons to choose Adoption California:

  1. Passion for adoption. Adoption is not just business and you are not just one of many clients at Adoption California. The founder knows how difficult the uncertainty and anxieties associated with all the unknowns in the process, because he has been through them himself. The lawyers at Adoption California know the joy adoptive families feel when their adoption has been finalized and that adoption decree is in your hands. It’s why we are in this business.
  2. Resourcefulness. Adoption California knows this is a new generation of birth parents, and that means new methods of reaching them. Whether it is through social media, cell phones, or text messaging, Adoption California’s adoption professionals have the savvy and communication skills to connect with young birth parents.
  3. Experience. The attorneys of Adoption California are graduates of top law schools and are experienced with the adoption process. We have over 50 years of legal experience and combined to finalize thousands of adoptions.

Can I adopt in California?

Yes! Regardless of where you live, Adoption California can help you with your independent adoption in the state of California. Contact us and we’ll hook you up with one of our Adoption Professionals to answer all of your questions and get you started on your wonderful journey of adoption.

What if I am LGBT?

Adoption California welcomes clients from the LGBT community. We will take care to ensure your adoption is recognized in all 50 states. Another consideration for LGBT couples includes a stepparent adoption for partners in marriages where one partner has given birth via assisted reproduction techniques. Home studies for stepparent adoptions cost significantly less than home studies for private adoptions. We will take steps to ensure your parent-child relationship is legally recognized.

What if I am single?

Adoption California is happy to work with unmarried individuals in helping them achieve their dreams of becoming parents.

Are you limited to California?

While our attorneys are licensed to practice and appear only in California courts, it doesn’t mean you are limited to a match with a birth mother in California. If a birth mother is outside California, we will review the law and consider whether the birth mother’s state is favorable or unfavorable for adoption compared to California. If a birth mother is unable to travel to California to give birth, or if it is cost-prohibitive, then we will recommend counsel in the state the birth mother resides in and continue to guide the process.

What happens if a matched birth parent backs out?

The adoption professionals at Adoption California are trained and work hard for adoption matches that result in placements. A match could fail for any number of reasons but at Adoption California, hopeful adoptive parents pay a flat fee for legal fees for a birth parent match. If your first birth parent match withdraws from the process, you do not pay legal fees for your second birth parent match. 

What is a home study?

A home study is documentation that your home, you, your spouse, and all those living in your home are a good fit and a safe environment for a child who would be placed with you. The home study includes background checks, interviews, home visits, and loads of documentation including proof of income, divorce degrees, marriage licenses, birth certificates and more. The home study is required before an adoption can be finalized and is strongly encouraged before placement.

What should I expect from my home study?

Be prepared to answer all questions relating to your finances, your health, your methods of discipline, your childhood, your relationship with your family now, your education, medications you take, your mental health, and the mental health of family members, and more. Questions are specific and may feel invasive, yet they are in place to be sure that you are a suitable fit for a child. Additionally, your home will be inspected for safety and to certify that it is a good environment for a child to thrive. The background and child abuse checks are required and take time to complete and receive the reports, so begin that process early.

How do I find a home study provider?

Your Adoption California Professional can put you in touch with a certified home study provider. If you’d like to begin your home study before connecting with Adoption California, you can find a list of home study providers in California here.

What is open adoption (and how do I prepare for a successful open adoption?),

Open adoption refers to the communication and contact that takes place between the adoptive parents, the birth parents, and the adoptee (adoption triad members) post-placement. There are various degrees of openness which are decided upon between the birth parents and adoptive parents prior to placement. The best guarantee that you will have a successful open adoption is complete honesty and openness in your communication both before placement and after. Even once terms have been agreed upon, things may change and the agreement may need to be tweaked. It is important to treat the relationship like any other relationship with respect and nurturing. When this happens and the child is at the center of the relationship, difficulties will be resolved and the open adoption can continue to thrive.

What is transracial adoption (and how do I prepare for a successful one?

Transracial adoption is the placement of a child with parents of a different race. The success criteria of a transracial adoption is similar to that of any adoption. Regardless of race, every adopted child is unique and comes with individual challenges, characteristics, and needs. Focusing on the specific needs of your child (which may include focusing on his/her race to help with identity understanding, and ensuring that he/she has access to same-race mentors and role models) will help your child develop a healthy sense of identity and belonging.

What do I need to know about birth parent rights in California?

Birth parents can consent to an adoption after the birth mother is discharged from the hospital. Although that consent is revocable within thirty days, there is a procedure in which they can waive that revocation time period so the consent is effective by the end of the next business day. Once the consent waiver period has passed, the adoption can go forward. If a birth father does not consent or cannot be located, there are legal proceedings that can take place to terminate the birth father’s rights. This happens when the court finds the consent of the birth father is not necessary or if the court finds that he has abandoned the child. Parental rights of the birth parents are terminated at the time of the adoption decree. This means that the responsibility and the rights associated with parenthood lie solely with the adoptive parents. For answers to specific questions about birth parent rights in California, visit the Superior Court of California.

What are pass-through expenses (and how do they work)?

Pass Through Expenses are the fees that Adoption California collects from you to cover birth mother expenses. Birth mother expenses include her out-of-pocket medical bills (those not covered by insurance) as well as rent, utilities, and maternity clothing. Once you have paid those expenses to Adoption California, the collected money is passed on to the birth mother.



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