Each year, November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness month. In California, November 3rd, is “National Adoption Day” for the city of San Francisco and in this day, a huge number of adoptions finalized in court in lieu of a celebration. National Adoption Day takes place on November 17 in Los Angeles, and this effort is repeated throughout the United States.

National Adoption Month was set forth by the Children’s Bureau, a federal office, to raise national awareness for adoption and to help find families for youth in foster care. It is now celebrated by adoption advocates and adoptive families to raise awareness that many people are touched in a positive way by adoption.

Adoption California celebrates National Adoption Awareness month by lifting up adoptive parents, birth parents who have chosen adoption as the future for their child, adoptees, and anyone else who supports someone in the adoption triad.

We offer a free initial consultation and reasonable fees, usually at a flat fee. Legal fees are as low as $500 for foster adoptions, to $11,000 for newborn adoption that includes finding a birth parent looking to place.

For many people, they may not be aware of whether being an adoptive parent is right for them. We can explain the differences between foster adoption, domestic adoption, and international adoption and provide appropriate referrals for foster and international adoption.

Prospective adoptive parents may not understand what the benefits of a stepparent adoption are and becoming their stepchild’s legal parent, versus remaining a stepparent. Many mistakenly believe that an adoption of a child that they know is not possible because the absentee birth parent does not consent, or has whereabouts unknown. Others may not be aware that adoption is an option for a child that they have been taking care of in a guardianship.

Birth parents who are considering adoption can be represented by one of our attorneys to find a family for adoption who will advocate for their rights, and make sure their wishes are heard.

Our mission is to provide not just a service, but to provide compassion, emotional support, and a clear step-by-step process to those who decide to embark on a journey towards adoption.