Birth Mother’s Day is a special day reserved exclusively for Birth Moms who have chosen the adoption path for their child. It falls on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Many people who are outside of the adoption community remain unaware that this day exists or what it means. Namely, this is a day to honor the sacrifice Birth Mothers have made in choosing a different path for their children.

It is a day which can be filled with many different emotions for birth mothers across the world. Some might not want to remember their sacrifice at all and if they have feelings of sadness or guilt, this day can bring up those emotions. Others, would like to be celebrated and remembered on Mother’s Day and not on a separate day so as to be distinguished as a “mother” and not a “birth mother”. Still others might accept and celebrate Birth Mother’s Day and in cases of open adoption, can even be joined and/or remembered  with their children and their adoptive families.

All in all we should respect the opinions, feelings and emotions of all birth moms whatever they might be. All of us in the adoption community should honor each and every birth mother and feel gratitude for the sacrifice she has made and only wish her continued love, strength and wisdom on her journey. Like so many other holidays, one day out of the year shouldn’t be the only time these brave women are recognized. In our opinion, they should be celebrated every day!