What is Ethical Adoption? 

One of the founding principles of Adoption California is the practice of ethical adoption in all of our cases. So what is ethical adoption? We can sum up our view on how we practice ethical adoption with one word: Respect. Respect is extremely important and is not reserved for any one individual but for all of the members of the “adoption triad” which consists of the birth parents, the adoptive family, and the child.

The child and his/her safety and well-being is at the foremost center of this triad. Although the child might not be born yet and can’t speak, we must be their voice and advocate on his/her behalf. We respect the child’s life and their right to receive love and respect even in the womb. Part of respecting the child means respecting their birth parents and their hopeful adoptive parents as they all have and will always have a major role in the life of the child.

We recognize that the birth parents are making the hardest decision and biggest sacrifice of their lives in choosing the adoption path for their child. The life situations of birth parents are all different and unique and there is no “cookie cutter” story to how and why they got to the place they are in. Their voice will be heard and respected throughout the process. To provide ethical services to the birth parents means to recognize and respect them as individuals and to work with them and their needs accordingly. It means the birth parents must be fully informed of their rights including their right to change their mind.

The adoptive parents need to be respected for their own decision to love and care for a child born not of their flesh and blood but out of their love and deep desire for family. Their voices should be heard and respected. To provide ethical services to the adoptive parents means to treat each adoptive family respectfully and sensitively throughout the process. It means to provide “transparency” in terms of information we receive about the adoptive situation and to fully advise them of their rights.

One of the ways that Adoption California shows respect is by actually listening to what you have to say. We take time to learn your story and to treat each client/situation respectfully and individually. We value your voice and will actively listen to your needs and wants. Practicing ethical adoption means making sure that you are respected and feel comfortable with your decision throughout each step in the adoption process which we recognize is a life long process for all involved.

This content is for informational purposes only, should not be considered or relied upon as legal advice, and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.