Unplanned Pregnancy



Life throws at us lots of twists and turns – things we never imagined. And yet, somehow things always work out. That’s pretty hard to remember, though, when the shock of an unplanned pregnancy hits. But true to life, even something this monumental can turn for good.

We have confidence that you can make the decision that you will feel good about for the rest of your life. You’re reading this, so you’ve probably decided to not consider abortion. Whether it’s your belief in the sanctity of life or just an innate desire to give your child a chance to live, you are now faced with the choice of parenting or placing your child for adoption.

Why choose adoption? For a variety of reasons, parenting may not be your first choice. You may find yourself in a position in which you are unable to care for your child’s financial, emotional, or physical needs. Perhaps the birth father is out of the picture and you truly want your child to have a mom and a dad.

Thoughts of your personal future have surely come to mind. Are you in school? Planning a career? Hoping for relationships? Choosing adoption may open up more choices for your personal future. Many birth mothers have made future choices based upon the good of the child they placed for adoption. They asked themselves, Is this direction one that my child will someday be proud of me for choosing? Does making this choice honor my birth child? With those questions in mind, many birth mothers have succeeded personally, while remembering and loving the child they placed for adoption.

When making the choice to parent or place, birth mothers are given a figurative magnifying glass as you examine your life in detail. Through this magnifying glass you also look to the future for you and for your child. Details that may seem insignificant to others who are not in your situation become quite vital. Do I hope for my child to have parents who discipline a specific way? Do I know that I can’t do that in my situation? Would I like my child to grow up in a home with other siblings? Am I not willing to provide that at this point?

As you consider adoption, pay attention to your feelings. Are you more relaxed and able to let out that bit of breath you’ve been holding in? Does it give you a sense of relief and maybe even some excitement? Sure, there will be sadness. But do you have an overall sense of peace? The importance of listening to your intuition as you contemplate your options cannot be overstated.


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