Hopeful Adoptive Parents



As you move forward in your adoption process, it’s important to let birth mothers know who you are and all about you. But how do you get them to stop and look at your profile?

Choosing Adoption California means you’ll be given access to the world’s largest adoption website. Partnered with Adoption.com, Adoption California will promote your parent profile and help you get noticed by birth mothers. Because of this partnership you are automatically enrolled in Adoption.com’s Ultimate Package. This means you’ll be given:

    1. 100 personalized Hoping to Adopt announcements. Share these announcements with family, friends, and even strangers. Many hopeful adoptive parents have found success in sharing their announcements at restaurants, on the airplane, at the bank, and in other everyday activities.
  • Interactive Parent Profile, which includes unlimited:
      1. Photos. Two photos you select will be professionally edited
      2. Videos . One professionally edited. This personalized video is produced by Adoption.com’s video team from your photos, videos, music and text, and showcases the reasons your family is a great fit for placement.
      3. Endorsements
      4. Links to your social media sites
      5. Favorites and interests pinned to the Favorites section
      6. Personal Profile Counseling
  • Your Parent Profile page will include:
    1. Intro page
    2. A page all about YOU
    3. Letter
    4. Blog posts
    5. Recommendations
    6. Statistics Tracking
    7. Video Chat
    8. Toll Free Number
    9. NO ADS on your Profile
  1. Priority Listing on Adoption.Com Parent Profiles. You will be listed among the top profiles with the largest size of photo. With this priority listing, you will be viewed easily and more frequently.
  2. Personalized Online Marketing: Using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo, Pinterest, Google, and Bing, Adoption.com will manage your personalized ad campaign. This exposure will be paramount in the sharing of your adoption profile.
  3. Monthly advertising performance report will be provided to you


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