Unplanned Pregnancy / Hopeful Adoptive Parents



Having made the adoption choice, the decision-making isn’t quite over. You’re considering open adoption, so what kind of planning needs to take place? There are varying degrees of openness, so consider what you think will work best for you and for your child.

The best planning you can do is preparation to negotiate the degree of openness with your child’s other parents. As you prepare for those crucial conversations, consider the following:

  • Is it practical (giving the geographical distance between you) to have regular in-person visits?
  • Would it be best for my child if there is an actual friendship or otherwise close relationship between all of the adults?
  • Will this become an extension of family? Meaning – will we be getting together, all of us, for holidays and family reunions? What about family photos?
  • Is long-distance communication between birth parent and child the preference? Maybe until a certain age?

There are many more questions that will come to mind as you plan for your open adoption. Jot these down and be free and open in your communication with your child’s other parent(s). It will not only create a feeling of peace when you’re on the same page, but it will also give your child a great sense of security and well-being.


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