Unplanned Pregnancy



Clearly understanding the options you have, when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, is vital to moving forward. And while there are many people in your life who may feel they should be a part of that decision, ultimately it is your choice.

There are three options:

  1. Abortion
  2. Parenting
  3. Placing for Adoption

Advocates for abortion will tell you that this is your body and you should be able to choose what to do with your body. They may tell you that abortion is a simple procedure and it will make your “problem” go away. What you may not hear is about the lasting effects of abortion. Not only does your unborn child no longer have a shot at life, but you are affected as well. How? Well, the American Pregnancy Association tells us that “emotional and psychological effects following an abortion are more common than physical side effects and can range from mild regrets to more serious complications.” If considering abortion, please visit, in-depth, with a professional who understands what those emotional and psychological effects are before you move forward with that life-altering choice.


Choosing life for your child, you now will need to decide if you will parent your child or place your child for adoption. Both options are proof of your love for your unborn child. Choosing to parent means that you are prepared to

  • Provide for your child’s physical needs, including shelter, food, clothing, and education.
  • Provide for your child’s emotional needs, which includes being both mother and father to your child if the birth father is not in the picture
  • Put your child’s needs before of your own. This can include delaying or not following through with education or a specific career choice; suspending the social life you’re accustomed to; doing without some things so as to provide essentials for your child; be an advocate for your child even when it’s uncomfortable
  • Protect your child from physical, emotional, and social danger. This may include changing friends and/or separating yourself from difficult or abusive partners, family members, and more.

Choosing to parent is a lifelong choice. There is no short-term parenting. It requires commitment and tireless effort, though it can bring you much joy. .

Placing for Adoption

When you make the adoption choice, you will be able to choose not only what type of parents your child will have (outgoing, career parents, stay-at-home mother, parents with other children, sports-lovers, artists, spiritual or religious, etc.), but you will also be able to choose the exact parents for your child. By making these choices, you can ensure that your child will grow up knowing of your love.

In choosing adoption, however, you are also choosing separation to some degree. Depending upon the type of adoption you choose (open, semi-open, closed), you may or may not have contact with your child and the adoptive family members.

So yes, you do have option. And the choice is yours! Follow your heart as you explore each option and look to the future, imaging your child’s and your life with each option. Choose the option that gives you peace.


This content is for informational purposes only, should not be considered or relied upon as legal advice, and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.