Unplanned Pregnancy


While navigating life during an unplanned pregnancy, juggling finances may become difficult. This is particularly applicable when pregnancy creates difficulty in maintaining a job. Sometimes because of morning sickness and other physical ailments associated with pregnancy, working becomes impossible. The good news is that if you reside in California and decide to place your child for adoption, financial assistance is available.

Financial help can be provided to cover the birth mother’s legal fees, any counseling needed, and even regular living expenses. Living expenses include housing, utilities, transportation, food, and even maternity clothing. The financial assistance can continue for six to eight weeks after delivering the baby.

Most of this assistance will come through the adoptive parents. Most adoptive parents are eager to help their child’s birth mother in every way needed. This includes providing financial help. As long as financial support provided by the adoptive parents is not contingent on the birth mother placing the child with that couple and the support is reasonable, necessary, and related to the pregnancy, the finances are considered a gift, and it is acceptable for the adoptive parents to financially assist the birth mother.

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